Welcome to Women’s Recovery

at Providence Recovery Place…

Are You Seeking Affordable Addiction Care for Women?

Our beautiful suburban location in North Georgia empowers you to experience nature, security, and serenity.

Our Treatment Curriculum is Designed to Help You

  • Heal From Your Past Griefs and Trauma
  • In an Intimate Small Group Setting
  • Receive Individualized Christ Centered Care

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Women seeking residential drug rehab and alcohol treatment, may be surprised to hear that achieving sobriety is only the beginning.

Learning how to live in victory and recovery while healing from a past full of hurts and hang-ups is the real challenge, and what our program exists to do.

We are more then a recovery center, we are a spiritual regeneration program, and our goal is to help women completely transform their lives.

People struggling with alcohol and chemical addictions often let their pain and failures define their identity, how they view themselves, and what they in turn base their future choices on

By helping women let go of the false beliefs that continually trap them in addiction and depression, we open the door to God’s truth about their true identity in Christ.

The cumulative result of our work together is life changing spiritual transformation which we know to be key to “long-term stand firm recovery.”

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