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Answers Most Frequently Asked Questions
Is $4,900 the True Cost?

Yes. That said, there are opportunities for program participants to purchase specialized food items, personal hygiene products, and attend a weekly luncheon at a restaurant with which program participants will use their own money.

What Airport Do I Fly Into?

Chattanooga International Airport is the most convenient way to fly into the area.

Do You Offer a Less Than 90 Day Program?

No. 90 days is the minimum amount of time a program participant can attend Our Master’s Camp.

When Is the First Visit and Who Can Visit?

On the third Saturday or Sunday and afterwards, immediate family can visit.

Do You Take Insurance?

No we are private pay only.

Do You Accept Payments?

The short answer is yes, we will work with families looking to get their loved one into recovery quickly. We do require that before day 60, the full sponsorship fee must be received.

Can You Do the Blood Work There or at OMC?

We highly recommend that blood work be performed before checking in at Our Master’s Camp.

If any of the tests come back positive, the participant will unfortunately be asked to leave.

That said if it is a situation where time is of the essence, and the blood work must be performed here, we have a local blood testing facility that we partner with. The cost is $125.

Do You Detox at Your Facility?

No, we are not medically staffed and do not have the facilities to perform medical detox. We ask that all program participants be fully detoxed before entering the program.

What Are the Rooms Like?

The rooms are very clean, comfortable, and private, and are shared between 2 roommates.

Can I Bring Musical Instrument?

Yes, you can bring a musical instrument which can be used at appropriate times.

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