Who is Providence Ministries of Dalton, Georgia?

Providence Ministries is a Group of Rescue Missions

Providence Ministries, Inc. of Dalton, Georgia, is a large group of rescue missions who feed the hungry, shelter the needy, and instill spiritual hope in our surrounding areas. They are also the parent organization of Our Master's Camp Men's Recovery Center and Providence Women's Recovery Center.

Our rescue mission runs seven thriving thrift stores where patrons generate revenue that we feed back into our programs. That, along with the charitable donations from our caring community, allows us to subsidize nearly half the cost of our comprehensive addiction programs.

Providence Ministries has been in the business of outreach and soul saving since 1985, when its founder, Roy Johnson, decided to make it his life's journey to help people struggling with addiction as well as hunger, poverty, and homelessness. Providence Ministries is focused on meeting people at their most dire needs. We're also passionate about:

  • Providing Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner to Anyone
  • Sheltering Homeless Men, Women, and Their Children
  • Providing Christ Centered Addiction Care to Men and Women
  • Providing Ministerial Services Like Church Service, Sunday Meals, Christian Counseling, and Bible

As a part of this large organization, participants of our addiction programs enjoy special privileges and access that would not normally be available to most drug and alcohol rehabs. This includes church attendance at our own church, work therapy in our own buildings, pastoral and clinical counseling on all sorts of matters, and reduced tuition cost due to donations and thrift store sales.


Providence Ministries subsidizes nearly half of the actual cost of the comprehensive 90-day addiction care program.

Learn how to Stay Clean, Heal From Your Past, and Allow Your Soul to be Transformed in Our Beautiful and Safe Environment.