Our Approach

Spiritual Recovery Promotes Sustainability

We first open the door to long-term recovery by helping program participants establish a living and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, whom we know to be the ultimate authority of healing and redemption. As this relationship matures, a spiritual renewal and evolution occurs which frees our participants to better receive the benefits of the clinical side of our addiction process.

Using Biblical teachings, we explore the spiritual aspects of recovery and the knowledge that through Christ, all things are possible. By accepting Christ and leaning on His strength, program participants are free to experience self-forgiveness and a new freedom which makes the clinical approach all the more effective.

Clinical Approach to Addiction Recovery

Our "clinical" approach to addiction is designed to be practical and sustainable. Through individualized counseling, peer support groups, relapse prevention training, trauma recovery exercises, and 12 step work, we achieve an effective balance of "traditional" methods with "spiritual" related ones which combined produce life-altering results.

We have experienced counselors on staff leading individual and group counseling. You attend daily classes studying Matrix Treatment Manual coursework, 12 step meetings, life skills classes, and women's and men's issues.

With the right plan in place, our patients have a better chance at achieving all of their goals. With the guidance and support of our dedicated staff, our patients’ chances for a successful recovery are optimized to the highest degree.

How is Our Addiction Recovery Program Unique?

What sets our faith-based rehab program apart from other facilities is that Christ is in everything we do. Because we are a Christian non-profit organization, we are driven by a high calling to help a sick and hurting world and offer our services at a cost most people can afford—90 days for $2,999.

Our Recovery Curriculum is Based on Both the Bible and Clinical Methodologies

We place Christ at the helm of all of our actions as an organization. From showing program participants extraordinary compassion to providing nutritious meals that are prepared with care, God is in all of our motivations. Even our recovery curriculum is a blend of biblical wisdom and clinical knowledge.

Our Care Teams are Made Up of People from All Walks of Life Who Can Relate

Our staff, volunteers, and level of community interaction set us apart from other centers. Our staff is made up of people from all walks, including former soldiers, former professionals, certified addiction counselors, and staff members with personal recovery success. All of them have placed Christ at the center of their lives, and lovingly impart their stories of strength and hope to the men and women in our program.

Our Sponsorship Program Makes Care Affordable

Another factor that sets us apart from any other recovery facilities is our price. Sponsorship cost is reduced greatly by our parent organization which pays over half of the cost for each and every program participant, reducing your cost to just $2,999 for 90 days of in-house care.

Our Community Interaction with the Local Church Welcomes Participants

Community interaction with the local church is powerful, giving program participants the important understanding that when Christ is our common bond, they are accepted no matter how bad their lives were before getting to the camp. The relationship we have with our local church is one that is cherished and has been developed over the years, something we strongly regard as an asset for program participant recovery.