A Typical Day at Our Master's Camp Looks Like This

A typical day at the camp starts pretty early, but is not rushed, allowing the men plenty of time to get their room or cabin in order, take care of their daily hygiene, and make it down to the main facility for a home-style breakfast. The menu for any given breakfast may include eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, bagels, croissants, biscuits, cereals, fruits, juices, coffee, and any personally purchased special dietary needs. The men rotate helping with kitchen duties as assigned.


Replacing Addiction with Healthy Morning Routines

Classroom at Our Master's Camp
Classroom at Our Master's Camp

Mornings at Our Master’s Camp are spent engaged in groups and classes. Thirty minutes of private devotion in our classroom is mandatory to start the day off right. Time spent is devoted to scripture reading, personal devotions, and prayer.

Next are three classes or group periods led by our passionate staff. Topics include:

• Addiction Education
• Biblical Teaching and Preaching
• Life Skills Training (Coping with Stress, Learning Healthy Boundaries, ETC.)
• Group Therapy Sessions
• Relapse Prevention Work
• Christian 12-Step Recovery Study
• Counselor-Led Discussions
• Recovery Literature Studies
• Recovery Related Biblical Studies
• Plus much more …

Afternoons Consist of Lunch and Work Therapy Sessions

Group Therapy at Our Master's Camp
Group Therapy at Our Master's Camp

For the next few hours following lunch, most of the men will conduct work therapy which serves two purposes. First, it allows men to become accountable to a job function which is related to becoming a productive part of society. Second, it allows for the necessary day to day operations to run smoothly.

Work therapy includes such things as tending the garden and orchard, taking out trash, washing vehicles, landscaping, and vacuuming the rooms. There may also be special projects, and men with specialized skills are encouraged to put those skills to use at The Camp if they want to. Work therapy is not about “hard work”, as much as it is about showing up on time and learning to do a good job while interacting with their peers and being part of a team.

Afternoons are also utilized for one on one counseling sessions. The men meet individually with various member of our team during their stay. Whether it be pastoral counselors, addiction counselors, or certified peer recovery specialists, the men are seen individually weekly to move through their recovery plans. These meetings allow us to assess their strengths and weaknesses, encourage growth, and recommend steps to continue moving forward in their recovery and healing process.


Evenings at Camp | Leisure, Dinner, and Guest Speakers

Relax and Watch TV at Our Master's Camp
Relax and Watch TV at Our Master's Camp

As soon as work therapy ends, the men have free time until dinner.

Many utilize this time to enjoy our recreational facilities. Some shoot pool or play ping pong. Others enjoy team sports such as basketball on our indoor half-court or volleyball on our net outside. We offer ample free weights, machines, and aerobic exercise equipment in our gym for all fitness levels. We encourage our men to take care of their physical health as an integral part of the recovery process. Others relax watching a movie in our movie room. Cards and board games are always a favorite.

We have honored guest speakers join us some evenings. These speakers include evangelicals, biblical professors, church leaders, and professionals with a passion for helping men hungry for God and transformation. At other times, we have personal testimonies from men in recovery to give hope and inspire. Other nights we attend outside Christian 12-Step meetings, like Celebrate Recovery. This helps our men see what Christian fellowship and living in community are like outside of our program.

After a period of wind-down free time and perhaps a snack, men get ready for bed.

Weekend Activities Promoting Recovery

Our Master's Camp Fishing Pond
Our Master's Camp Fishing Pond

Weekends at “The Camp” are a bit less structured and include more free time, off campus activities, and visitation. Weather allowing, our 4-acre stocked pond provides relaxation and fun for men who love the outdoors. Weekends allow the men personal time or group interactions of their choice. Visitation with families is an option starting on the third weekend here.

On Saturday, we take a trip into town. We catch a Christ-centered recovery meeting before heading to Walmart for necessities. The men are allowed to spend up to $40 per Saturday on items at Walmart that they might need during their stay. The group will eat lunch together at a local restaurant while out. Everyone in the program needs to have some spending cash that is kept in the office and given out as needed.

For Sunday morning and evenings we attend a local church, where engaging worship and Gospel-centered preaching highlight the day.