Our Master's Camp | How Our Program Helps Men Recover

Situated on 100 acres of scenic rolling hills overlooking our beautiful lake and surrounded by forests and nature, Our Master's Camp was created to fill the huge unmet void of affordable Christian drug and alcoholism recovery programs for men only.

Our program uses both a clinical and Christian approach for teaching how to live a life free of alcohol and drug dependency. At Our Master's Camp, exploring and understanding God’s word plays a major part at many of the functions our facility provides. We create many opportunities for men to immerse themselves in biblical studies and different settings.

Whether it be morning meditation, Sunday school, or during theologian led group seminars, we want the men to gain a better understanding of God’s love and authority in their lives so that they will be able to accept his grace and forgiveness, and ultimately enable them to forgive themselves and others. Learn more about our recovery approach here.

Our Serene Location in the Tennessee Mountains is Perfect for Life Skills Training and Work Therapy

Our scenic and remote location creates a sense of safety and inspiration which other addiction centers hope to recreate within their walls, but happens quite naturally on our site. The fresh air, nature all around, and common wildlife seen at our scenic and remote location creates a natural sense of safety and inspiration that many other addiction centers can only hope to recreate within their walls.

The importance of these types of things is intangible and hard to quantify, but the impact this plays on the psychology of a person entering recovery, especially early recovery, cannot be overstated. Addiction is rooted in a chaotic and tumultuous life—and the peace that someone feels as they take in the fresh mountain air and beauty of their first camp sunrise takes them away from that chaos completely.

Life skills training demystifies the everyday challenges that often perplex men struggling in addiction. This includes areas such as personal finance in terms of budgeting, navigating social situations as a person in recovery, teaching men about what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate relationships with women, and how to have a healthy self-image that is not performance based but is instead based on God’s love for each and every one of them.

Work therapy allows men to work as part of a team so that they can learn to be accountable to themselves and their peers. It also helps us keep our costs down (savings we pass on to you) by helping maintain the vast 100 acre property we sit on.

We Offer Peer Support, Exercise Options, and Church Attendance

Seminars and Class Room

We regularly spend time in the classroom exploring spiritual and recovery related topics that are led by counselors, people with extended recovery experience, or spiritually gifted leaders such as our guest pastors and lecturers.

Peer Support Groups

Peer support groups have many benefits that help our men understand that they are not alone in their struggle, and that there are others suffering and overcoming situations similar to their own.

Exercise Therapy

There is no shortage of workout machinery, free weights, and sports activities during a program participant’s stay at The Camp. Activities include volley ball, basketball, canoeing, trail walking, free weights training, machine weight training, ping pong, billiards, and running indoors or outdoors.

Church Attendance

Every Sunday and Wednesday, program participants attend local church services. These services allow for men to worship freely while forming relationships with a body of believers outside of Our Master’s Camp. The church is very receptive to helping participants feel welcome and appreciated.