Signs of Drug Addiction

Do you have a friend or loved one who you think might be using drugs?

Has that person started looking and acting differently? You may need to look for the cause.

Habits & Characteristics Changed

Children’s attitudes change as they grow into adolescence. Their interests change when they become adults. This is part of life, but when someone changes habits and characteristics during a relatively short time period, they might have a drug problem. Basically, people with drug problems act differently than in the past.

Warning Signs of Drug Abuse

Here are some changes that could be warning signs of drug abuse:

  • Cleanliness – bathing less, wearing dirty clothes, not keeping teeth brushed
  • Changing friends
  • Spending more time alone – not spending time with family
  • Seem extremely tired and moody
  • Lose interest in favorite hobbies
  • Abrupt change feeling good and feeling bad
  • Strange sleeping hours
  • Nervousness
  • Not keeping appointments or meetings
  • Having difficulty with school or keeping jobs

Alone, any of this behavior changes could meaningless. But if you are witnessing several, this could be a sign of substance abuse, and action should be taken immediately.

Addicts Cannot Stop on their Own

Simply put, people who are addicted to drugs cannot stop on their own. Not only do drugs affect a person’s mood and decision-making process, drugs affect a person’s body, leaving them physically dependent on them.

Contact a Recovery Center for Help

If someone is suffering from drug addiction, the first step is admitting that there is a problem. The second step is contacting a recovery center to discuss entry into an addiction recovery program.

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