Powerful New Opiate Documentary Sponsored by FBI

Heroin Verses Prescription Opiates Perception Disparity

There is a perception disparity concerning prescription drugs verses heroin. Somehow, young people have been conditioned to believe that prescription drug addiction is not as bad as heroin, and the cost has been the worst opioid crisis in our history with as many as 44 overdose deaths a day in the U.S.

In the new FBI sponsored documentary film “Chasing the Dragon”, former addicts speak about their decent into addiction. They explain how their dependence began innocuously as a treatment to physical pain, or as a party favor in the form of a couple pills. Also, that the person who originally gave them the drug was usually a friend or relative.

So is Heroin Worst?

What makes Heroin more dangerous is the cutting agents and lack of consistency from one batch to the next. Drug dealers are in a position of power, and because of that there is an unwarranted trust the addict places in them to produce and serve a “safe” product. There can hardly be a worst placement of trust, obviously, then a street dealers concern for the health of their customers.

What often happens when a person starts their opiate addiction by abusing pills is that they eventually find themselves using heroin in order to save money.  To say that it is worst is true in a sense, but they are both equally vile in their ability to turn decent and honest young people into heart-broken shadows of their former selves.

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