Oxycontin Abuse

Oxycontin, which is the brand name for the medication oxycodone, is a powerful painkiller that is prescribed to those who are struggling with moderate or severe aches or pains. It greatly aids those who suffer from chronic pains that can be a result of cancer, burns, heart attacks, or bone pains. This drug provides patients with hours of pain relief.

It’s very similar to heroin because it stimulates the reward center of the brain producing a euphoric high. It is only available through a prescription from a physician for pain relief and is a narcotic. Despite this, Oxycontin is often sold on the street by names such as; cotton, kickers, pills, oxycotton, heroin hillbilly, orange county, ox, oCs, and os.

People started abusing Oxycontin almost as soon as it hit the market. The way that this drug abuse has been tracked is by accounting for the number of injuries attributed to Oxycontin. Patients would take much high does than they were recommended to, and would crush, snort, or inject the powder. These methods of consuming the drug can result in an overdose fairly quickly.


According to the National Drug Intelligence center, the death rates caused by this drug have been going up ever since the drug was released. According to the US Department of Justice, there are more than 13 million individuals who abuse this drug and use is for recreational purposes.

In New York alone, it was reported that there was an 82% rise in prescriptions for Oxycontin from 2007 to 2010. This shows that Oxycontin addictions and abuse of the drug continues to be a growing problem throughout the country.

In 2010, a new formulation of Oxycontin was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The new pills contain certain ingredients that make it much harder for anyone to chew, crush, or break the tablet.

Although this was done in order to reduce the amount of people who abuse the drug, and addict may compensate by taking more pills in order to cope with their addiction which can pose as a serious threat.


Abusing Oxycontin can result in many medical as well as social risks. Some medical risks include; irregular breathing, liver damage, seizures, respiratory failure, myocardial infarction, coma, or even death.

The types of drug problems vary from person to person, but it has been shown that it is not too hard to unintentional overdose on the drug. Some social risks include; divorce, child or domestic abuse, job loss, homelessness, or loss of close relationships.

One of the best ways to get help from this addiction is through a rehab center with medical monitoring. You will go through a detox process and will be provided with guidance and counseling every step of the way.


Withdrawing from this drug unfortunately results in many unpleasant side effects which can include; depression, anxiety, vomiting and nauseas, flu like symptoms, weakness, insomnia, chills and sweating, fever, panic attacks, and muscle and bone pain.

These severe symptoms are why getting help at a rehab center would be best as opposed to trying to do this by yourself. Finding a clinic that specializes in opiate abuse would be a great way to get over this life threatening addiction.

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