Morgan’s Providence Recovery Story Video


Thank you Morgan for Sharing Your 90 Day Drug Rehab Testimonial!

Sharing your deeply emotional and personal experience is no small thing and we thank you deeply because when you share. You not only help someone needing to hear your story, you also find healing. We also thank you for being a part of our exciting family of rescue missions where we also feed the hungry, provide shelter, and instill hope in our community in Christ’ name.

Transcript from Video

Hi I’m Morgan and I’m from Michigan and I’m a graduate from Providence Ministries.

My life was a mess before coming to Providence, I can say that for sure. I didn’t have God in my life and to be honest I didn’t really have a life. I didn’t know what each day held. I couldn’t hold jobs… flunked out of school. My friends, or my so-called friends, weren’t really friends. My family wasn’t a family, you know? It was falling apart right before my eyes and I knew I needed to do something about it.

I have two younger sisters and they wouldn’t even talk to me. Actually my first real sensation in feeling the desperation was November 13 of 2011. I had lost everything, I mean, I didn’t know what else to do and I didn’t even see treatment as an option. And I had attempted suicide and that was a real eye-opener for me and my family.

My mother found Providence online a while back and I just needed something different. I wasn’t really going for the Christian part of it, I just knew I needed something that was longer term because in Michigan, where I’m from, everything was 10 to 14 days. And I needed something a lot longer, and definitely the part of it being just a women’s only program kind of helped.

There was less distraction. I could actually focus on me and what was going on in the inside. I just felt a sense of closeness. I could open up more because there were women that had been through what I’d been through. It was easy to sit back and relax and actually listen to other women as well… kind of a sense of comfort knowing that I wasn’t the only one.

When I first got here I wasn’t really sure about the God piece. I know that there was something missing and that there was a whole, but I was filling that was school and work you know? Trying to fill it with friends. After coming here and kind of leaving all that behind, I was still left with that hole. And the only thing that was really filling it was God.

And I was going to church more and getting more involved in the program and His word. I started to feel my confidence come back and I started to feel okay with the circumstances and knowing that I had a life. It wasn’t obviously the one I had intended for myself, but God had a bigger plan for me. And being just okay with that was a huge improvement for me. Just being okay!

If I would have chose a secular program it would have just been the same old routine. I was just saying whatever I needed to say to get out of there. In and out. Go under the radar. I had no relationship with God, well I thought I did, but it’s not until it actually hits you. Then you’re like “oh my gosh”, I really thought that was a relationship? Just praying please God get me out of this, or please help me with “this and that”, is not a relationship.

The staff actually did make a huge difference. Mostly because the women here, that work here, have either been through this program or some similar program, so they understand the addiction piece, but also very strong women in Christ. They set the example. So it’s kind of like I strive to be more like them. The women of God that they are.

I would definitely recommend Providence, I already have multiple times! Everything that I have been given through this program? I mean have you seen me before, which some people did, how can you not recommend it? Having seen me before?

A drastic change physically, mentally, and spiritually, but mostly spiritually. I walk with God today. I’m not walking alone. My family and I are closer than ever now, and it’s awesome to see my younger sisters too… I actually feel like a role model or an example that they can follow. I can actually get back and it’s really, really cool to see. It’s an awesome feeling!

I don’t know exactly what the future holds for me. I know what I want but also too, I don’t know exactly what God wants. I’m very creative I feel, and I love, love art! My creator gave me my creativity and I feel like using my hands and just making things is glorifying Him in itself.

You’re not alone even when you do feel alone, God is right there with you, and there’s a way out. All you have to do is ask for Him, you know? Invite Him into your life because he’s a gentleman. He’s just sitting there waiting for you to invite Him in. He’s not going to come in unless you ask Him to.

Once you have that peace inside of you, knowing everything’s going to be okay, I think that the happiness just comes along with it. It’s something I don’t really have to work for anymore!