Testimony of OMC Client:


I absolutely believe that without this program, I would have never:

  1. Gotten saved and come to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.
  2. Learned so much about myself and my defects of character and the knowledge and tools to be able to work on them.
  3. The 12 Steps of AA, what they mean, their biblical comparisons, and how to work and apply them.
  4. Be able to get sober or to stay sober with a purpose for any length of time.

The camp and it’s structure, and the staff that run it are amazing, God-fearing, loving, forgiving, patient, and understanding people. The church we go to is great. The speakers that come each night are awesome, informative, and educational. Every class, including step work, is right on time. The fellowship with the men, the friends we make, is priceless. And it proves to me that I can make new friends in sobriety. I wouldn’t trade my time and experience here for anything. I will be forever grateful to Our Master’s Camp!

B Whaley

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