Why We Are So Affordable

Drug rehab shouldn’t cost your financial future!

Rehab cost is sadly one of the main reasons so many needing intervention never get the inpatient drug rehab that they need.  Our organization proudly places Christ at the head of everything we do, and it’s no coincidence that we offer our value-packed recovery experience at one of the most affordable rates in the industry.

At the Our Master’s Camp program, 90 days of in-house addiction care will cost you a sponsorship fee of just $4,900. This includes your meals, tuition, housing, and program travel excluding airport pick-ups.

So how can we offer all this at such a low price?

It’s because our center is part of a large organization of rescue missions called Providence Ministries where we feed the hungry, shelter the needy, and instill spiritual hope in our surrounding areas.

Because our rescue mission runs 4 thriving thrift stores where patrons generate revenue that we feed back into our programs, along with the charitable donations from our caring community, we’re able to subsidize nearly half the cost of our comprehensive addiction programs.

Learn how to Stay Clean, Heal From Your Past, and Allow Your Soul to be Transformed in Our Beautiful and Safe Environment.

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