A Typical Day At The Camp

Mornings At The Camp

A typical day at the camp starts pretty early, but is unrushed, allowing the men plenty of time to get their room or cabin in order, get showered, and make it down to the main facility for a home style breakfast.

The menu for any given breakfast includes everything from eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, bagels, croissants, biscuit’s, cereals, fruits, juices, coffee, and any personally purchased special dietary needed foods. There are usually a few minutes of free-time after breakfast followed by a time of silent Biblical study or meditation.

Early Afternoons

After a short break, the next half of the day is filled with therapeutic activities that include things such as:

  • Substance Abuse Workbook Work
  • Inspirational Video Series Studies
  • Healing Related Exercises
  • Group Therapy Sessions
  • Peer Group Discussions
  • Sermon’s
  • Counselor Led Discussions
  • Recovery Related Biblical Studies
  • Plus much more (this is a general list but at times we also have special events, field trips, or guest speakers)

Late Afternoons at Masters Camp

At noon, a homemade lunch is prepared, which can include anything from pasta, pizza, burgers, chicken, sandwiches, chips, drinks, and snacks, and any personally purchased special dietary needed foods.

For the next few hours following lunch, most of the men will conduct work therapy which serves two purposes. First, it allows men to become accountable to a job function which is related to becoming a productive part of society. Second, it allows for the necessary day to day operations to run smoothly.

Work therapy includes such things as tending the garden, picking apples, taking out trash, washing vehicles, and vacuuming the rooms. There may also be special projects, and men with specialized skills are encouraged to put those skills to use at The Camp if they want to. Work therapy is not about “hard work”, as much as it is about showing up on time and learning to do a good job while interacting with their peers and being part of a team.

During work therapy, some men will be called to meet with addiction professionals to have one-on-one discussions. These meetings allow us to get to know each individual better, assess how they are doing, and recommend steps to continue moving forward in their recovery and healing process.

Early Evening

For the next two hours after work therapy is free time and dinner. Dinner consists of anything from stews, steaks, vegetables, pasta, pizza, burgers, chicken, sandwiches, chips, drinks, and snacks, and any personally purchased special dietary needed foods.


We usually have one of our honored guest speakers join us for an hour most evenings. These speakers include evangelicals, biblical professors, church leaders, and professionals with a passion for helping men hungry for God and transformation.

The next 2 ½ hours are dedicated to free time and preparing for bed.


Weekends at The Camp are a bit less structured and include more free time and off campus activities. This includes dining out for lunch and going shopping for personal items on Saturday, and going to bible study and church on Sunday. Sunday is also the day in which program participants can spend their day together off campus.