What Makes Us Different

Serene Location in Tennessee Mountains

Our scenic and remote location creates a sense of safety and inspiration which other addiction centers hope to recreate within their walls, but happens quite naturally on our site. Fresh air, nature, and wildlife are a few of the naturally occurring reasons there is no other place in the world quite like Our Master’s Camp.

The importance of these types of things is intangible and hard to quantify, but the impact this plays on the psychology of a person entering recovery, especially early recovery, cannot be over stated. Addiction is rooted in chaos, and the peace one feels as they take in the fresh mountain air and beauty of their first camp sunrise is the complete and polar opposite of that chaos.

Spiritual Focus in Rehab

We place Christ at the helm of everything we do as an organization. From showing program participants extraordinary compassion to providing delicious meals that are prepared with care, God is in all of our motivations. Even our recovery curriculum is at least half biblically base and half clinically based, and often times both.

Program Pricing

Sponsorship cost is reduced greatly by our parent organization which pays over half of the cost for each and every program participant, reducing your cost to just $4,900 for 90 days of in-house care. Learn more about why OMC is so affordable.

Our Dedicated Staff of Professionals

Our staff, volunteers, and level of community interaction really sets us apart from competitors. Our staff is made up of people from all walks. This includes former soldiers, former professionals, certified addiction counselors, and staff members with personal recovery success, who all have placed Christ at the center of their lives, and who lovingly impart their stories of strength and hope to the men.

Community interaction with the local church is powerful as well because this gives program participants the important understanding that when Christ is our common bound, they are accepted no matter how bad their lives were before getting to the camp. The relationship we have with our local church is one that is cherished and has been developed over the years, and one we strongly regard as an asset.

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