About Our Master’s Camp Recovery Center

The Our Master’s Camp Recovery Center, located 45 minutes north of Chattanooga in Pikeville, Tennessee, was created to fill the huge unmet void of affordable Christian drug and alcoholism treatment for men only. It is an outreach of Providence Ministries, Inc. of Dalton Georgia which subsidizes nearly half of the actual cost of their comprehensive 90-day addiction care.

What sets our faith-based rehab alternative apart from other recovery centers is that we place Christ at the forefront of everything we do…  And because we are a Christian non-profit organization, we are driven by a high calling to help a sick and hurting world, and offer our services at a cost most people can afford, 90 days for $4,900.

“Our recovery model is based around Spiritual Development
with Clinical Methodologies…”

We first open the door to long-term recovery by helping program participants establish a living and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, whom we know to be the ultimate authority of healing and redemption. As this relationship matures, a spiritual renewal and evolution can occur which frees our men to better receive the benefits of our addiction care.

Our approach to addiction is designed to be practical and sustainable. We place a significant amount of time and energy addressing traumas and self-defeating behaviors such as guilt and self-condemnation. Through individualized counselingpeer support groupsrelapse prevention training, trauma recovery exercises, and 12 step work, we achieve an effective balance of “traditional” treatment methods with “spiritual” related ones which combined produce life-altering results.

“We have a safe, secluded, and naturally inspirational location where men can feel free to speak, listen, and heal from their shared pain and struggles with other men who’ve struggled in similar ways.”

While the minimum length of our inpatient drug rehab alternative is 90 days, we allow men who’d like to extend their stay to remain on a month to month basis. Plus, once the primary phase is completed, we offer graduates the opportunity to enroll in our sober living program located in Dalton Ga. The transitional living program is part of the family of Providence Ministries missions and offers the chance for men to grow away, and not simply go away.

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