Center Program Resources

Our women’s drug and alcohol program addresses addiction recovery from two perspectives. Using the Bible, biblical teachings, biblical 12 step work, and inspirational men and women of God, we explore the spiritual aspects of addiction with the end goal being spiritual regeneration, a term that means “new birth” or “new beginning”.

Receiving and internalizing this gift from God frees program participants to experience forgiveness and a new freedom which makes the clinical approach all the more effective.

We have certified addiction counselors on staff, and through individual counseling, “Matrix Treatment Manual” coursework, 12 step meetings, life skills classes, and women’s issues classes, we assess the clinical side of addiction, recovery, and relapse prevention with the end goals ultimately being forgiveness of self and others, addressing the personal responsibility of addiction along with the amends process, uprooting and dispelling long held false beliefs, and realizing the importance of paying it forward through Christ inspired service work.

When these issues are collectively addressed and resolved, long term healing, recovery, and transformation happen quite naturally making relapse far less likely. We give our women the confidence and practical everyday living skills they will need to continue living in victory and recovery, one day at a time.

A Week In The Lives of Program Participants Includes:

  • Wake Up and Breakfast
  • Morning Devotion
  • Matrix Course Work
  • Church Services
  • Work Therapy
  • Life Skills/Women’s Issues/Step Work
  • Lunch
  • Fellowship
  • Free Time
  • Weekend Restaurant Meal/Shopping